GT Performance spoke, hub and horn button materials are primarily high grade aluminum, stainless steel or chrome. We recommend a non-abrasive premium polish. Apply with a soft cloth and buff out with a micro fiber cloth. Wood rims are clear coated and should be cleaned using a damp cloth, leather rims should be periodically clean using a name brand leather cleaner and foam grips can be cleaned and protected using a quality vinyl protector (such as 303 protectant).

NO! GT Performance Products are not designed for use on airbag equipped vehicles. We do not recommend changing, altering or removing the airbag from any vehicle for safety and legal reasons.

No! GT uses a unique rubber “O” ring attachment method which does not have any spring pressure between the horn button and wheel. The “O” ring secures the horn button in place and acts to suppress vibration and eliminate the chance of rattle.

Simple… GT3 and GT9 installation hubs are one piece and machined from 6061 billet aluminum and there is one additional piece necessary to attach the horn button. GT also includes illustrated step by step instructions.

Yes… GT3 installation hub and GT3 horn buttons are compatible. GT9 installation hubs and horn buttons are compatible with most 9 bolt billet steering wheel manufacturers i.e. (LeCarra, Billet Specialties, Budnik, etc.).

T3 & GT9 installation hubs are compatible with Flaming River and IDIDIT columns. Check the GT Application Guide under Specialty Applications (at the end of the app guide) for the specific model number.

(No castings, steel covers, plastic retainers and shoulder screws used at GT Performance Products) GT Performance Products installation hubs, horn buttons and horn button attachment base are all CNC machined from 6061 Aluminum.

Based on demand, we will continue to offer additional vehicle applications and you should check online periodically for current updates. Feel free to send an email or call customer service to review what may be in the works.

Some applications may require removing a part from the bottom of original wheel hub and transferring to the GTP hub.

We recommend referencing the shop manual for your vehicle to clarify proper removal instructions. You may also need a steering wheel or gear puller to remove steering wheel from column.

Easy as 1, 2, 3 …

  1. Select your wheel of choice, please note the reference assigned to the wheel as a type GT3 or GT9.
  2. Check the installation hub application chart to select the specific GT3 or GT9 installation hub for your vehicle.
  3. Select GT3 or GT9 horn button of your choice.